Pensford was formed in April 2009 with the intent of leveling the playing field for derivatives between borrowers and banks.  Founded by experienced derivative professionals, Pensford brings the same expertise the bank has representing it to the borrower’s side of the table.

Since its inception in 2009, Pensford has helped execute over $15 Billion in derivative transactions, all at substantial savings to borrowers.  We are sensitive to the relationship between borrower and lender and we will never jeopardize that.  Pensford maintains very good working relationships with all banks.

We provide insight, suggestions, and transparency to every transaction, but at all times our clients are in control of the negotiation process.  We do not direct business away from the lender; we simply ensure that our clients receive a fair and transparent deal.

Pensford specializes in:

  • New swaps and modifications
  • Interest rate cap auctions
  • Negotiating ISDA’s
  • Terminating existing derivatives at par
  • MTM and FAS 133/157 guidance
  • Rate locks on permanent financing
  • Defeasance
  • Yield maintenance verification